Health & Safety

The prime functions of the Health and Safety Representative is to identify hazards, be aware of all potential risks and hazards at the workplace and to ensure the continued health and safety of self and colleagues.

Courses we offer:

  • Fire Fighting (Level 1),
  • First Aid Level 1,2 and 3,
  • Fire Marshal,
  • Legal Liabilities,
  • Environmental Awareness and Waste management,
  • Handling of Hazardous Substance in Workplace,
  • Move and Store a Hazardous Load,
  • HIV/AIDS Workshop,
  • HIV/AIDS and other STD's Workshop,
  • HIV/AIDS in the Workplace,
  • HIV Peer Educator Programme,
  • OHS & General Housekeeping,
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment,
  • Evacuations Procedures,
  • Safety Representative (SHEREP),
  • Conduct Workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Inspection (HIRA),
  • Health and Safety Workshops,
  • Wellness Champion,
  • OHSEP (Occupational Health and Safety / Hygiene through Empowering People)



Maintaining Occupational Health, Safety, And General Housekeeping

Perform Basic Fire Fighting

Demonstrate An Understanding Of Sexuality And Sexually Transmitted Infections Including HIV And AIDS

Apply Occupational Health, Safety, And Environmental Principles

Control Workplace Hazardous Substances

Demonstrate Basic Knowledge And Understanding Of Emergency Preparedness And Response

Carry Out Basic First Aid Treatment In The Workplace

Perform Basic Life Support And First Aid Procedures

Provide Risk-Based Primary Emergency Care Or First Aid In The Wrokplace

Explain Occupational Health And Safety Within The Transport Industry

Conduct Workplace Occupational Health And Safety OHS Inspections

Provide First Aid As An Advanced First Responder

Enroll for a Health & Safety course