Lifting Machine Operations

These Qualifications are for any individual who is, or wishes to be, involved in operating a lifting machine/s or dealing with challenges in a lifting machine.

Courses we offer:

  • National Certificate: Lifting Machine Operator,
  • Hydraulic Mobile Crane,
  • Lattice Boom Crane,
  • Counter Balance Lift Truck (Forklift),
  • Lift Truck (Reach Truck),
  • Overhead Crane, Rough Terrain/Earthmoving/Agriculture Equipment,
  • Tower Crane,
  • Truck Mounted Crane,
  • Mobile Elevating Platform (Skyjacks/Cherry Picker),
  • Stacking and Storing Goods,
  • Sling and Communicate During Crane Operations,
  • Shift Loads Using Lifting Equipment



Operate A Cab Controlled Overhead Crane

Operate A Pendant Controlled Overhead Crane

Operate A Truck Mounted Loader Crane

Operate A Mobile Crane

Operate A Tower Crane

Perform Tandem Lifting

Lift And Move A Load On A Construction Site

Operate Advanced Defined Purpose Lift Trucks

Operate Counter-Balanced Lift Truck

Operate Overhead-Gantry Cranes

Operate Truck-Mounted Cranes

Operate Defined Purpose Lift Trucks

Shift Loads Using Lifting Equipment

Operate A Mobile Elevating Work Platform MEWP

Lift And Move A Load Using Manual Lifting Equipment And Tackle

Sling And Communicate During Crane Operations

Operate Rough Terrain/Earthmoving/Agricultural Equipment

Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Regulatory Framework For Lifting Machines

Describe Different Categories Of Lifting Machines

Operate A Telescopic Boom Handler

Move And Store A Hazardous Load

Enroll for a Lifting Machine Operations course