We should always, always take safety seriously, but safety information can be both informative and entertaining. Now that we’ve got your attention, take a look at these nine safety facts that seem crazy, but are in fact 100% true. Fact #1: Approximately four million people are disabled at work every year This is a crazy

The last few of our blogs have made it clear that there is a positive case for utilising social media in your efforts to promote and maintain a safe working environment. We always like to offer a balanced approach to every argument, which is why today we take a look at the 11 potential risks

For a chemical to harm someone, and affect their health negatively, it must first come into contact or enter the body. It must also have some biological effect on the body. There are four major routes through which a chemical can enter the body: • Inhalation (breathing) • Skin (or eye) contact • Swallowing (ingestion