1.            Activity: Demographic Trends in Real Estate

Your Facilitator will divide you into groups to discuss the questions on demographic profiling below.

  1. Identify at least 5 – 10 factors to “profile” each of the following:
  2. A real estate area
  3. The area population
  4. The typical buyer in that area
  5. Select an area of operation for your group, and conduct a profiling exercise on the 3 categories above
  6. Select at least 2 areas in another province, and compile a profile for that area, its population and typical buyers
  7. Compare your own area profile with the additional province, and identify the factors that are different.
  8. Discuss how the profile would influence your approach to the management of the sale?

Portfolio Activity: Culture & Demographics

Refer to your Portfolio Guide for a theory and practical activity that must be completed for summative assessment purposes.